Squid Sketching

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Squid Sketching


A technique for recording facts, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, ideas, actions and most anything, based on noting key words in a pictorial way. It can be practiced individually and in pairs or teams. Squid sketching can be DIVERGENT - free, open, spontaneous - or CONVERGENT - well thought-out, organized, structured.

Divergent Squid Sketching

Use a key word to find interconnections.

From a relevant central word, note related words on lines that branch out. Link each new word with other new words and the new words with more new words. Then associate words from different branches to develop new ways of looking at your issue.

Spontaneity is important!

Divergent Squid Sketch of the word CREATIVITY

Some uses of Divergent Squid Sketches:
- All stages of creative problem-solving
- Composing a poem, writing a story

Convergent Squid Sketching

Use key words to make a “map” of an issue.

From a central word or picture representing your topic, organize your thoughts and record them in single words in a hierarchical way with major headings as main “branches” linked directly to the centre. To each major heading, link other key words to denote relevant “sub-issues” in an outwardly radiating sketch.

Clarity is important!

Convergent Squid Sketch of CREATIVITY

Some uses of Convergent Squid Sketches:
- All stages of creative problem-solving
- Preparing a speech or presentation or a to-do list
- Structuring your thoughts on any subject, preparing for an exam